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Don’t forget to look for Jesus in the simple things this week!”

I looked down at the the the piece of paper Nicole, my squad leader had just given me. The week before had been long, and I was feeling drained and exhausted. Mostly an exhaustion that I had created for myself by procrastinating deep rest for my soul and occupying my mind with worried thoughts about things I couldn’t control.

When I read the note, I knew it was exactly what I needed, and it was exactly what I needed as I looked to the week ahead. 

I decided to take notes this past week of some places I saw Jesus in the simple things. It was our first full week of ministry, and it definitely was full. It was the good kind of full, the kind where you feel like you’ve given everything you have but somehow you still feel full of joy and life and all that goodness. There was also a lot of hard, but that still doesn’t negate the goodness of it.

I found that in those hard moments and days it is all the more necessary to look for Jesus in the simple things. I know I definitely missed seeing Jesus in some things this week. Even though my notes are short, I know that He was most definitely there whether I was able to recognize it or not. Thanks Lord.


This week, here are some things I saw Jesus in: 



The smile of the little girl who sat in front of me at church.

The breeze that blows through the open windows in the upper room at church. 

At bible study, the way one of the translators, Reggie, kept saying “that’s fun” after each person in the circle listed a fun fact about themselves.

The insane keyboard playing of one of the guys from the Haitian church.

The laughter we shared on the bus ride home with team Align after bible study.



The hazy pink morning sky.

The little chickens running around the yard (not quite full grown chickens, definitely not chicks; I like to call them little teenage chickens).

Seeing Chuck, the base kitten, still around (we thought they had given him away).

The mountain drive to ministry: the view, the recordings of past squad worship, the giant peacock I saw.

The lightness, joy, and ease of friendships with kids. 

+ Learning the names of all my new friends: Jamil, Steven, Dariani, and Danlisa

The little brook flowing behind the church we did ministry at.



An especially sweet time with the Lord in the morning.

The little kitten I got to hold at one woman’s house during ministry.

The view out the door of the church.

The way Jamie, my squamate, put flowers in a sweet old woman’s hair. 

The way the kids kept repeating my name in order to make sure they learned it.

The coolness of the water and mud for my feet rom the river that we hiked to with the kids. A moment of absolute bliss.

Pausing from doing laundry to look up at the fluffy white billows of clouds in the sky. A moment to breathe. 



Getting to bake for the first time at the base (baked oatmeal for brekkie for the squad)!

The way one little girl clung to and loved on her sweet mom during morning ministry.

Being reminded of (yet again) the simplicity of friendships with kids as we played with local kids in the community for several hours.

The makeshift jumprope we made by tying two little ones together. 

The way frothed milk slowly seeps and swirls into coffee.

Good conversation while working in the coffee shop with my squad mates, Gretchen Jean + Layna Jean.

Getting to have a short but sweet conversation with my dad before bed!



— A hard day, which makes it all the more necessary to seek Jesus out in the simple things —

The beautiful, restful morning mountain drive to ministry.

The little waterfall + pools we stopped at on the way!

The strong, sweet, and inspiring faith of one woman my team and I got to be encouraged by at ministry.

Laughing over how hard it was to play soccer in skirts with a couple squad mates. 

The hug Nicole gave me after a really hard afternoon.

The sun rays I soaked in by the pool as I journaled and processed.

An encouraging conversation by the pool with a sweet friend over yummy pizza!

Singing happy birthday to my mom with my squad mates on FaceTime! The sweet conversation I had with her as I walked on the lawn.

Laughing over jungle speed (a card game) with Brent, Wes, Ben, and Morgan.



Nicole’s reminder was SO good for me. The simple things kept me centered on Jesus, aware and in awe of the little gifts He so graciously gives throughout the day. It also gave my soul space for an intentional pause to rest amidst the busyness of each day. 

Maybe looking for Him in the simple things will do the same for you, friend. I 10/10 recommend. 

So, my challenge will be the same for you as the one Nicole gave me at the beginning of this week:


Don’t forget to look for Jesus in the simple things this week!


You are loved!


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7 responses to “The Simple Things”

  1. Hi Emma,
    Thank you for reminding us to look for Jesus in the “simple things” each moment. God is truly wanting us to find him in the little things and not to be too quick to rush on to the next thing. It will be so great to have you share when you get home! Jenny

  2. Reminders of God’s love and care all around us as we take notice…thanks for the reminder Emma!

  3. The squad singing my birthday song and the sweet chat with you were both hugs from Jesus for me this week
    I’ll keep looking forward him in the simple things so I don’t miss more of his hugs.

  4. Emma,
    I’ll remember to look for the simple things from the Lord this week. Sounds like fun.

  5. Thanks for sharing this great reminder, Emma. I am always encouraged and uplifted when I focus on finding Jesus in the small and everyday things in life. Love you??

  6. As always, so encouraging, Emma! The little blessings of Life prepare us more fully to see the bigger things in Life that Jesus is trying to share w us. 🙂

  7. Emma, I love the way you saw the Lord in everything! What a sweet reminder of his ever presence in life. Thank you. I think I will sit and write all the ways I am seeing him. I felt so much peace and joy in reading yours.