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Friends! It’s finally time for a very long-awaited blog post, the one where I get to tell you all about the ministry my squad and I are partnering with here in the Dominican Republic. We’ve been here for a little longer than three weeks, and we have just five weeks left here (but let’s not talk about that, I’ll cry). So, without further ado, let’s get to know my ministry: Mission of Hope! 

Mission of Hope was actually started in Haiti, but now has a base in the Dominican as well. The base we’re at is only two years old, but Mission of Hope has been up and running for about twenty years! This base in the Dominican is super cool because it gives us a chance to work with the surrounding Dominican community and the community of Haitian refugees. It’s so beautiful being exposed to these two cultures at once, and seeing how this plays out around us.

Mission of Hope’s vision is to “bring life transformation to every man, woman, and child”. With this, the main channels through which MOH focuses on the transformation of lives is through church advancement, nutrition, education, and medical care. They are able to make their vision a reality through their core resolutions: connecting people to Jesus, empowering local leaders, serving people holistically, engaging people relationally, and stewarding with excellence. For more on what these mean, check out MOH’S website! 

I love all of this, but I especially love that forming intentional relationships and empowering local leaders is a part of MOH’S core resolutions. I see this super tangibly as a lot of the work we do here as a squad focuses on partnering with local pastors and ministering actively in whatever areas they feel their community needs. Every week, my squad gets to partner with a different local pastor and go to the communities they serve in. What there is a big need for and what we have done the most of so far is something called SMT, or strategic ministry time. Typically, this means house visits: going into the local communities, starting conversations about the Lord, getting to know people, and sharing the gospel. Through SMT, physical needs can be surveyed and met in an organic way. MOH also does food and water filter distribution, and medical missions. SMT has been INSANELY uncomfortable, but I’m grateful; it’s given my squad and I opportunities to grow in discernment, step out into boldness, and discover new ways to defend our faith. 

This isn’t the only ministry we do, but, like I said, we do spend a majority of our time in SMT. That’s just because there’s a huge need for those intentional conversations and encouragement, and the local pastors see that. 

Beyond this, let’s not forget: ministry is life! Ministry has also looked like doing odd jobs or cleaning here on base, cooking meals for our squad, working in the coffee shop on base, getting to know the team at MOH, playing with kids in the surrounding community, doing some physical labor for the sweet groundskeepers that live here, and of course, loving on squad mates!

On Sundays mornings, we get to attend a local Haitian church and also lead a bible study for young adults on Sunday nights. I LOVE THIS! It’s something I look forward to every week, especially the worship time. It’s really challenged me in my worship and opened my eyes to even more of what worship can be. More on this in blogs to come!

There’s a quick little run-down of what ministry looks like here! Prayer for my squad and what we’re doing here are SO appreciated! 

Here’s some things you can be praying for: 

  • Mental + Physical health for my squad 
  • A strong finish as we close out out our time on the Race
  • Words to speak, discernment, and awareness as to how the Spirit moves in ministry

Thanks for following along and keeping up with my journey, friend! You are so loved! 


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2 responses to “Meet My Ministry: Mission of Hope!”

  1. Love hearing more about what MOH is up to there and how you and squad are joining them on the journey.

  2. Sounds like it’s really full on ministry with a general involvement in the community down to what the squad does daily. Cool to see you participating in the local church.