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Meet My Team: Tov


Tov: the Hebrew word for good. Good, but not in the way we tend to throw it around in the English language. It’s the good we commonly see in the creation story where God creates and declares: “it is good”. The way we see good here is used more in the sense of something that you do, something that’s a part of your being. 

As a team, that’s what we decided we wanted to embody and pursue. There’s so many layers to this beautiful word, and praise God we get to unwrap that on this journey. But already, I see these women seeking out the goodness of God in the discomfort of this season as well as inviting others into that. 

This is a team that declares the goodness of the Lord. They declare it over this season even when it’s hard. Good doesn’t mean easy, it can be messy and uncomfortable and beautiful and everything in between. But what a privilege and honor it is to get to walk through this season as a team and declare “it is good” no matter what happens. Because our Father is good, and He calls this season good, and so can we. 

It’s already been around 7 weeks of walking alongside these women, I can hardly believe it. We just finished 2 weeks of serving with Samaritans Purse doing disaster relief in Hammond, LA. Doing ministry with this team has allowed me to see them in a whole new light. The way they serve sacrificially and wholeheartedly reflects the heart of God. They balance having fun with doing things in excellence/working hard. These women are also some of the funniest people I’ve met, and time with them is a JOY. It’s an honor to know them, to lead them, to love them, to simply be their friend. They passionately pursue truth and seek to honor the Lord and their community around them. 

Without further ado, meet team Tov!

  Meadow Davis. 

Spokane, WA

Meet Meadow Raine! A woman of authenticity who brings so much light where she walks! She carries a boldness when it comes to things of the Lord, & she is unafraid to ask hard questions or say the hard things in love. A joy to be around, it’s an honor to be her friend! 

  Sydney Seevers.

Gainesville, FL

Meet Syd! A woman of wisdom! She brings a much needed holy perspective to the table. She is a safe space. She sheds light into dark places & is fearless in her pursuit of the Father! Thankful to know this woman of God! 

 Melinda Erikson.

Altoona, PA

Meet Mel! A woman of empathy. Melinda is someone who feels deeply for others; she sees people where they are for who they are. She is a woman of gentleness but also carries so much strength. She is kind and loving, I love her so much! 

Kaitlyn Mcintire.

Atlanta, GA

Meet Katie Beth! Katie girl! She brings the joy of the Lord to the table! She is a space of laughter and invites others into that. She is bold in the way she pursues growth in the Lord; She invites the challenging and the uncomfortable. I am thankful to call her my friend! 

 Jaide Walker.

Houston, TX

Meet Jaide! Truly a woman of intentionality. She goes out of her way to make sure others feel seen and heard and known. She fights for others well. She is an incredible artist! She speaks truth; she is passionate and willing to speak into hard things. Grateful to know my friend Jaidie 🙂

 Raylee Surguy.

Houston, TX

This is Ray Ray! Raylee James! A woman of abounding joy! She carries holy wonder of the Lord and His creation, and invites others into this awe. She is zealous to know Him and make Him known. Her laughter is contagious. I love being her friend!

I cant say it enough: I love this team. In a week we all head to Guatemala where I’ll get to be with them for a month before heading home. Prayers are appreciated! For safe travels, continued growth and unity as a team/squad, and wisdom and discernment in leading. 

Thanks for reading friend! You are so loved by the Father! 


11 responses to “Meet My Team: Tov”

  1. Love the way you introduced your amazing team and new friends Emma! Watch out Guatemala!

  2. Love meeting your team Emma and they are very blessed to have you for a leader. Guatemala is going to get blessed!

  3. Go fun to meet the dream team! Praying for you all as you speak your wings and fly far away! Love you Babe!

  4. Thank you love for introducing your team. Grateful to be able to pray for you all. Look out world Gods got a plan

  5. So glad to hear of your life this year. Sounds like a special group to live out what God would have you do. Great to hear of your work in LA. And now off to Guatemala. May God let you see much TOV there, and do much TOV there. I’ll be praying for you all.
    Love, Louann