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What Does He Call You? Pt. 2


In my last blog post, I talked about how the Lord is reminding me that I am His beloved one in this season. I am learning so much about His love for me and the fact that my identity and purpose is solely in the fact that I am loved by Him. The Lord is teaching my squad-mates a lot about their identities in Him, too. I asked a few of them the following questions:

What is the Lord saying about you right now? What are you discovering about who you are in Him in this season? 

He is so active and present in their lives. Their answers were really an encouragement to me and I hope they will be the same to you, friend. It’s my hope that as you read, the Lord may reveal something that He says about you!

Without further ado, their answers:



Defined by Him alone.

  • “He is saying that He alone defines me; that I am a daughter above all else. I was made to be loved. He is teaching me that to be loved is to be loved by HIM.”




  • “Recently, the Lord has been calling me “redeemed”. He’s been taking all these things I used to define myself with, like my self image or other people’s opinion of me, and reclaiming them in His name. For each lie I used to believe, he’s given me a truth to replace it. For example, I used to think my voice didn’t really deserve to be heard, but He told me my voice was powerful and I should use it. It’s still a work in process, but it’s been so cool to see him take all these broken parts and turn them into something beautiful!”



Born to be loved.

  • “The Lord is saying that I’m born to be loved. In 1 Timothy, it says that our purpose is not anything besides to be loved by the Father. He is showing how to love because he Loved us first whether that be others, myself, or loving Him back. When our purpose is founded in true love, then we cannot be shaken by the evil of the world.”




  • “Right now the Lord is walking me through my fear of abandonment. He’s reminding me that I’ve been made worthy through Jesus and that He will NEVER leave me, despite what I think and despite when people may leave me or disappoint me. He calls me Zechariah, which means “Yahweh has remembered.” It’s a constant reminder that He is faithful, and He loves me so much more than I could ever know.”




  • “Right now in this season of my life the Lord is teaching me a lot about what it looks like to be a daughter. I think it’s so easy to go through life as a believer and just say that you know God is a Father, kind of like this basic knowledge. But do we really believe it? Is He really who I lean on as my dad? It’s just so beautiful to watch him love me, and learn how to receive that love every single day. Every time I sit down with Jesus I just hear a simple whisper of “sweet daughter”. He is calling me to deeper intimacy and closeness with Him. teaching me who i am, because it all flows out of who He is.



And now, I’ll leave you with the same questions I asked my friends:

What is the Lord saying about you right now? What are you discovering about who you are in Him in this season? 



I mentioned this in my last blog, but if you’re not sure of what He calls you, that’s okay! You can always ask Him. His Word is also a great resource that is saturated with truth of who we are in Him (Ephesians, or any of the 1 Johns is a great start).


Thanks for coming alongside this journey of discovery, friend! You are seen and loved and known by the Father. 


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4 responses to “The Identity Series: Episode 4”

  1. Dear Emma,
    I love the window into your world. And to “be” in Christ is all He asks of us. The world makes all to believe that it is about “doing”. Oh how I am learning to “be”. In Him. To receive and accept His love, acceptance, security. Oh how He loves us and to not feel selfish when to say, I am His! He is my Father and I am His precious daughter. I pray for your team, as you all journey together.
    Thank you so much for you writing.

  2. How great for you and your friends to be learning such important truths at this time in your lives. It’s much better to get them sooner than later.
    love, Nana

  3. He is sovereign, though I may sin, though I may make wrong choices, though I may choose to do it in my own strength; God’s plans cannot be undone my man (me).