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In one of my previous blogs, I introduced the ministry (The Hope Project) my squad and I are partnering with here in Costa Rica. I also mentioned that they love to empower us to operate in the gifts and talents the Lord has given us.

The other day, my team and I got to help with the English Club. There weren’t many students, so some of us got assigned to various tasks. A few of my teammates worked on social media promotion and one teammate got to help write children’s stories to aid in the teaching process. I was feeling like I didn’t really have a place or specific job to do, but then one of the ambassadors pointed out that all the lessons were in desperate need of some organization. If you don’t know, I LOVE organizing. I could spend hours doing it. And I did. I spent the afternoon sorting through papers, placing lessons in sleeves, and creating labels so that it would be easy for anyone to find lessons as needed. I was in my happy space. It was so cool how God brought about that opportunity for me to do something I love and am good at to better assist this ministry!

My teammate Kenzie and I wondered about people in our squad who have had similar opportunities. We decided to collaborate and ask a few of our squadmates specifically how they’ve been able to use their unique giftings so far!



7 responses to “The Body in Motion”

  1. This is so cool Emma… I love how the diversity of gifts and their expression have been freely embraced by you, your team and your amazing hosts!

  2. this is SO GOOD !!!! I love how you used YOUR gift for storytelling to highlight the diversity of the gifts that Abba has placed within this squad!! this really is the body!!!! thanks God!!!

  3. Yes…organizing is a gift and talent for sure!
    So great how the Lord opens up these opportunities for you and your team.

  4. The coolest thing about my son’s race was the way he was able to use soccer, running, gaming, assembling computers and a few carpentry skills as ministry tools. It’s warming to see you let the Lord groom and utilize your skills for His Kingdom purposes. In turn, you are also receiving His blessing from the fruits of the work. Praises Lord!!

  5. THIS!! I’m so stinkin’ proud of you guys and so overjoyed to see you all step into your calling and see your passions as MINISTRY! Y’all are unstoppable in your Kingdom work.