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What Does He Call You? Pt. 1

As you may know from previous blogs I’ve posted in this series, identity is a huge theme for me in this season. I have been discovering more and more of who He says I am and learning how to walk that out in security and confidence. I wanted to touch on and share something the Lord is calling me specifically in this season. 




In this season, the Lord has been reminding me that I am His beloved one. A little while ago, I read through Song of Solomon. There’s a lot of debate over the meaning of this book, but the Lord encouraged me to read it as a love story between Him and I. I highlighted everything He says about me; it was powerful. Here’s some things He reminded me of: 

-He calls me beautiful (1:15, 4:1, 4:7)

-He declares that there is no flaw in me (4:7)

-I have stolen His heart (4:9)

-I am His and He is mine (6:3)

-He calls me His perfect one (6:9)

I can’t explain it, but as I read through this book something began to register for the first time ever in my life. I’ve always known I was loved, but I don’t think I’ve ever truly let that knowledge seep down from my head to my heart. For the first time ever, I’m actually starting to believe it. I touched on this in a previous blog, but with believing I am loved comes the realization that my sole purpose is to be loved by Him. I’m learning how to rest in and be secure in that love. 

The fact that I have stolen His heart, that He calls me His, His beloved one – it’s a powerful truth as I actually began to believe it!

Another thing the Lord has been revealing to me in this time is that since I have stolen His heart, I have His WHOLE heart. 

He wants mine too.

Does He have my whole heart?

This is something I’ve had to seriously reflect on. I want to give it to him, I want to be wholly His, but it’s so hard getting to that point after a lifetime of giving parts of myself and my identity to the world around me. I’m learning how to be His, wholly his.

That was a lot- and there’s a lot more I’m learning- but essentially it comes back to the fact that I am His beloved one. I am so, so loved. And even though I’m beginning to believe it, I still can’t wrap my mind around it. Thankfully, I don’t have to; the only thing I have to do is rest in that love and let myself be loved by Him. 

I encourage you to reflect on what He’s speaking over you in this season. What does He call you? What is He saying about you? 

If you’re not sure, His Word is a massive reservoir of everything He calls us!

Pro tip: Ephesians or any of the 1 Johns are a good start 😉

Stay tuned for my next blog; my squad-mates will share a little bit of what the Lord is calling them in this season, too!




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2 responses to “The Identity Series: Episode 3”

  1. The perfect blog for Valentines Day. It’s interesting to discover Solomon, so wise and so romantic. It’s only been recently, I’ve been re-listening to songs, weird enough, love songs and seeing new deeper meanings. I believe the Lord sees a longing and reaches out with His heart to ours, sometimes through scripture, such as Solomon and sometimes our surroundings to let us know we are loved by Him.