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Being on the Race has taught me a lot about what the biblical, Acts 2 church described in part 1 of this series can look like. It’s been really cool being able to see the way we “do church” shift over these past months as we’ve learned and grown.

Whether we had someone from the squad speak, had in depth group discussions on Bible passages, worshipped spontaneously, reflected in silence, or prayed together – it was still church.

Whether we wore nice clothes, or showed up in sweatpants – it was still church. 

Whether we were in Georgia or in Costa Rica or the Dominican Republic – it was still church. Whether we went to a Haitian church in a crowded city, sat on couches in our living room in Costa Rica, or stood in a muddy grass field in the woods of Georgia – it was still church.

It was messy and beautiful all wrapped into one. It was good, it was church.

Yes, it’s church, because we are the church, no matter where we are. 




 Photo taken by Anjali Joy

Even aside from Sundays, we still get to be the church as we pour into each other, worship together, and have fellowship together.

We’ve been figuring it out as we go along, and I’m so grateful for the space and grace to do that. I’m still deciphering how I’m going to bring all that I’ve learned here about being the church into life outside of the Race, life outside of living with 30 people for 9 months. 

I’m still asking myself the question: 


How do I back to these roots of what church truly is? 


And how do we, as the capital C Church, get back to these roots and stop limiting the way the Holy Spirit moves?

What long-held traditions do we need to rethink that restrict the Spirit? 


I don’t have an answer. Just some things I’m turning over in my head. 

I want to challenge you to do the same. 

Thanks for reading! 

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out! 


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